Cemdek, the high-performance adhesive especially designed for Dekton façades

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Everything Cemdek does for your project

Super-flexible adhesive

Ease of working with large-format pieces

Allows refinishing of pieces

Improves the mechanical performance of the façade

Great plasticity

Ensures long-lasting adhesion

Every piece counts in building a durable façade

Dekton façades have many advantages: they are highly resistant to knocks, scratches, temperature changes and UV rays, therefore ensuring colour consistency over time.

These properties apply to both ventilated and glued façades, where it is possible to use Dekton’s smallest thickness, 4mm, thus significantly reducing the weight of the façade and making it easier to install whilst maintaining the strength of this ultra-compact surface.

In glued façades, the mechanical properties of Dekton are enhanced thanks to Cemdek, an adhesive specially designed by Danosa – the Spanish leader in thermal and acoustic insulation – for use on 4mm Dekton surfaces, with mesh.

Cemdek is a super-flexible, high performance cement-based adhesive containing Portland cement, selected aggregates, organic additives and polymers with outstanding deformation, adhesion and durability properties compared to standard additives available on the market.

The combination of Dekton 4mm and Cemdek is a versatile solution for any glued façade project involving large format pieces of up to 3200×1440 mm, both on large façades and on smaller projects, such as this pharmacy in Zaragoza, featuring Dekton Eter.

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Download the technical sheet

Discover the best way to use Cemdek and make the most of it on your architectural projects.

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Do you want to know the possibilities of Dekton in facades?

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