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An industrial yet warm look for a family loft

Las 5 Glorias

Loft Madrid  - COSENTINO OSUNA 009 49


Madrid, İspanya


Dekton / Scalea Natural Stone / Silestone


Nilium, Danae / Trav Romano / Blanco Zeus


Dekton Nilium, flooring 100 m2
Dekton Danae, swimming pool 80 m2
Scalea Trav Romano, flooring and exterior cladding 150 m2
Silestone Blanco Zeus, kitchen worktops 15 m2
Silestone Blanco Zeus, bathroom cladding 6 m2


Goyo Conde

Architecture / Design

Las 5 Glorias


Interior and exterior cladding, kitchen worktops, wall cladding, swimming pool

End date



Dekton Nilium and Danae: 8 mm
Scalea Trav Romano: 2 cm

A demanding interior design

The interior designers of this home, located in a popular residential area on the outskirts of Madrid, faced a double challenge: on the one hand, they had to connect and give structural coherence to two independent semi-detached houses, transforming them into a single large family house with fewer but more spacious rooms; on the other hand, they had to bring new life to the interior appearance of the construction, creating an urban atmosphere inspired by New York lofts, something more in keeping with the needs of the owners, a young couple with several children and international tastes.

To do so, the space was redistributed allowing for a large open-plan floor of 100 m2 with part of its ceilings at double height. The staircase leading to the basement and the first floor was placed in the centre of the new room, which houses the living room, the dining room, a work area, the kitchen, a toilet and some additional relaxing and reading areas. Made from iron, wood and glass, it acts as an almost sculptural element that visually connects the various areas and, at the same time, helps to create different atmospheres depending on its use.

An industrial yet warm look dominates the décor, combining fine wood with natural finishes, brass, velvet, exposed brick and large-format floors reminiscent of concrete with metal accents, but with better technical performance in terms of resistance. The owners wanted an ‘all-terrain’ flooring solution that could withstand a lively social life (that would not get stained by a glass of wine, for example) and the demanding use of children (scratches, knocks, etc.). The interior designers recommended a safe bet, Dekton Nilium.

Nilium, the winning bet

Nilium, from Dekton’s Industrial series, is an ultra-compact colour inspired by a silver metal, with a subtle mix of white and grey shades that represents the beginning of the oxidation process of a material. Despite its delicate appearance, it has the same technical features of any other Dekton surface, such as high resistance to scratches, stains and temperature changes, which is particularly useful for the installation of underfloor heating.

When it comes to Dekton, thermal conductivity is better than with traditional products used with underfloor heating such as wood or linoleum, allowing for better heat transfer. Unlike these materials, the expansion is smaller and dimensional stability facilitates a perfect assembly, leaving a joint of only 2 mm, whatever the format used. This enhances the sense of visual continuity.

A very bright work area

For the kitchen, which has a strong visual connection to the exterior, they opted for a bright white, thus maximising natural light. For both the worktops of the wall unit and the island, they chose Blanco Zeus, an almost pure, energetic and timeless white from Silestone’s Mythology series. The same colour is used for the walls and the column in the window area, giving a cleaner and more unified look. The same goes for the shower in the guest bathroom.

Loft Madrid  - COSENTINO OSUNA 012 57
Loft Madrid  - COSENTINO OSUNA 023 scaled 59
Loft Madrid  - COSENTINO OSUNA 023 scaled.jpg scaled 61

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Dekton and Scalea, the best allies

Both the perimeter wall of the garden and its paving and stairs were clad with a unique texture, a natural travertine from Scalea by Cosentino, Trav Romano. This stone, commonly used in the monuments of Ancient Rome, provides strength and elegance with a timeless finish that stands the test of time.

The elegant tones of this material continue in the swimming pool, but with a finish that is more resistant to the impact of water and the chemicals required for maintenance. In this space, Las 5 Glorias studio opted for Dekton Danae. Its large format reduces the number of joints, preventing the proliferation of bacteria and microorganisms. Furthermore, Dekton colours remain unaffected by exposure to sunlight and can be treated with Grip+ technology, which prevents slipping without compromising an aesthetically pleasing finish.

Loft Madrid  - COSENTINO OSUNA 0591 71
Loft Madrid  - COSENTINO OSUNA 066 73

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