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Dekton: the ultimate surface for facades

Chicago 444
Chicago 444



Lightness and resistance

Cut to size

Fully customised

Large format and dimensional stability

The Charles
The Charles



Resistant to ultraviolet (UV) rays

Reduced water absorption

Ice and thaw-resistant

Fireproof material

University of Missouri
University of Missouri






Non-porous material

Leonardo Tower
Leonardo Tower



Environmental Product Declaration

Carbon Neutral certified

It provides energy efficiency

100% renewable energy

Landing - Façades campaign  - Dekton Manual Tecnico Fachadas ES 52

Façade technical manual

Learn more about all the possibilities Dekton offers you as a first class architectural solution for façades.

Kap west 2
Kap West

Large format and dimensional stability

Dekton is available in 3,200 x 1,400mm slabs that do not expand with temperature changes

It allows you to create facades with minimal joints that provide a unique look

Chicago 444

Resistant to sunlight (UV) rays

Colour variation after 5000 hrs in a Xenon light chamber: <1 (invisible to the human eye)

Choose the design and colour you want for your facade. It remains unchanged over time

Private Residential


Dekton is a non-porous material and is resistant to stains or graffiti.

Your facade can be easily cleaned and withstands damage in urban environments

Leonardo Tower
Leonardo Tower

It optimises energy efficiency

Ultra-compact and lightweight, Dekton helps create facades that keep the building warm.

Dekton helps you to achieve energy efficiency and get Leed or Breeam credits

Do you need help with a project?

Contact our specialists for advice

Do you need help with a project?

Contact our specialists for advice

The facade rediscovered with Dekton by Cosentino

In the ultra-compact Dekton by Cosentino surface, the extraordinary Kap West office building in the “Am Hirschgarten” district of central Munich has found the perfect solution for the highly sophisticated architectural design of a technologically advanced facade.

Visionary, expressive and impressive in every sense of the word: in this Munich district, Kap West reaches for the sky as the latest architectural landmark in the Bavarian capital. The most remarkable visual element of the whole is the design of the facade, using Dekton by Cosentino.

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Dekton’s unique properties provide the architect with the greatest peace of mind:

25-year warranty