An ultrafine format for thinking big.

Dekton Slim  - 01 Cosentino Dekton Slim HERO 31

All of the innovation and quality of Dekton, but now in an ultra-light format. Easy to install and ideal for cladding walls and furniture.

The technical properties of the new format for ultra-compact surfaces make the material even more versatile, meaning that it can be adapted to any kitchen or bathroom cladding project.

Dekton Slim  - 02 Cosentino Dekton Slim HERO 33

Greater size, fewer joints.

Maximum resistance against humidity with minimum joints in the lightest Dekton format.

Ideal for bathrooms, Dekton® Slim offers cladding that is ultra-resistant to humidity and stains. A high-performing product that does not require any maintenance other than a damp cloth.

Its large format measuring 3,200 mm x 1,440 mm covers vast surfaces, avoiding a high number of joints and in turn, dirt.

Dekton Slim  - 03 Cosentino Dekton Slim thickness 35

4 mm thickness.

The finest and lightest Dekton® ever made.

With Dekton Slim, we have managed to make our interior cladding surfaces even more versatile; they can be used both on walls and on all types of furniture, such as tables, drawers or cupboards. Its minimum thickness means Dekton takes centre stage in kitchens and bathrooms.

Do you need help with a project?

Contact our specialists for advice

Do you need help with a project?

Contact our specialists for advice

Dekton Slim  - 04 Cosentino Dekton Slim Cut to Size 37

Cut to size. Endless design possibilities.

Thanks to its light format with an array of possibilities, everything just became simpler. Its thickness does allow for quick and simple cutting. Adjustments can be made on-site with tools for ceramic tiles.

Dekton Slim  - 05 Cosentino Dekton Slim Easy Installation 39

Easy installation, extremely easy.

Dekton’s large size, the ease of cutting and its lightness, 10 kg/m2, make it extremely easy to install. Dekton Slim is placed on the original surface without further complications.

Make the needed adjustments “in situ” and install it in record time.

Dekton Slim  - 06 Cosentino Dekton Slim Storing 41

Storing and transporting Dekton® has never been easier.

Five times lighter than its normal thickness, the new Dekton® Slim format means easy storage and transport. We have designed a system of protective frames that are less bulky, more accessible and extremely light, which means they can be stored vertically and are far easier to transport.

We currently have two different packaging options: five slabs and 10 slabs.