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Dekton durability keeps up with Brazilian gourmets

Tatiana Bresolin Hirassaki (TBH Arquitetura)

Projecto Escritore  - Projecto Escritoire Dekton 13 48


Palmas, Estado de Paraná, Brasil






12 mm

Architecture / Design

Tatiana Bresolin Hirassaki (TBH Arquitetura)


Worktop, wall cladding, oven, fireplace, grill.

End date


A versatile material that does not compromise on style

After a year’s work, the Brazilian architecture studio THB expresses its delight with the results achieved. Indeed, the gourmet space in Palmas (Paraná, Brazil), designed for leisure and as a continuation of the swimming pool, is just perfect.

Its high ceilings, large retractable glass doors and the wood used in the design are undoubtedly some of the reasons for its success. But the most outstanding feature in the design, is the leading role of Dekton Entzo. This material was used for worktops and wall claddings, as well as in the fireplace, grill, oven and wood heater.

Entzo is an attractive colour inspired by the Calacatta marble. 42 m2 of large format slabs (3.20m x 1.44m), with a thickness of 1 cm, were used in the design. It is undoubtedly the soul of the project. The blend of beige with the veining of Dekton Entzo together with the warmth of the tropical wood used in vertical strips, gives the space a remarkable look.

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A design that can face everything

In addition to the kitchen and dining area, the project includes a bench, a grill and a fireplace. One of the main concerns of TBH team was to use only durable and high quality materials.

TBH didn’t think twice about choosing Dekton by Cosentino: not only is it a durable material, but it is also heat-resistant and provides an excellent performance against scratches and stains.

In harmony with the Brazilian way of life

The Brazilian lifestyle is known for its love of celebrations along with friends and family reunions, and the gourmet space of this project is a good example of this. For this reason, the architects sought to create a welcoming, refined and attractive space. The finishes, the lightness of the shapes and the harmony of materials are the guiding principles of the project.

The ingenious way of concealing the sockets or the symmetrical arrangement of the LED strips, are some of the details that highlight the perfectionist nature of this project.

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