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Caffè Bonazzi: Silestone warmth for the best espresso experience

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Perugia, Italy






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Perugia, Italy


Twin Bar

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A smooth finish for a welcoming atmosphere

Caffè Bonazzi is a time-honoured Perugia institution, an historic place where the traditional Italian love of good coffee is embraced. Recently, the new management decided to give the cafe a makeover, which took the form of a respectful renovation in keeping with its original spirit. Silestone was the ideal material for the job.

At Bonazzi, activity is centred around the bar from which freshly-made coffees and typical local pastries are offered. Its new design required a warm colour that would match the cafe’s daily rhythms and the experience served with every drink. Silestone, in its Lyra shade and with the Suede finish, was the perfect choice: beige and brown tones, with veins that simulate the swirls of milk in coffee, lend this cafeteria bar a “delicious” feel.

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Silestone offers a wide range of colours to recreate any atmosphere

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