Space ECH

Barcelona, Spain

A jewelry store in the Catalonian capital which brings light into the whole space through a large skylight.

Space ECH  - 01 SpaceECH PMAA scaled 31
Photos: © José Hevia

In the Raval neighborhood of the heart of Barcelona, the local firm P-M-A-A has transformed a dark old commercial space into a new flagship store for ECH Jewelry. The static, unmovable parts of the program are placed at the four corners in order to obtain an unobstructed selling area – of squared proportions and with a symmetrical section – and give the shop a great deal of flexibility in displaying its ware.

The ground level being nestled in a cave of sorts, making it hard for daylight to reach it, was the perfect cue to design a skylight that would brighten up the entire store. With a circular base and a warped surface, the skylight is the milestone of the project and gives life to each level – downstairs by catching the eye through the light shining onto the ground floor, and upstairs by forcing customers to move around it.

Space ECH  - 02.1 SpaceECH PMAA scaled 33
Space ECH  - 02.2 SpaceECH PMAA 2 scaled 35
Space ECH  - 03 SpaceECH PMAA scaled 37
Space ECH  - 04.1 SpaceECH PMAA 1 scaled 39
Space ECH  - 04.2 SpaceECH PMAA 1 scaled 41
Space ECH  - 05 SpaceECH PMAA scaled 43
Space ECH  - 06.1 SpaceECH PMAA 1 scaled 45
Space ECH  - 06.2 SpaceECH PMAA 1 scaled 47
Space ECH  - 07 SpaceECH PMAA scaled 49


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