Re-House in Lujua

Lujua, Spain

AZAB transforms an agricultural house for a family into a double home which generates a program that seeks the complementarity of uses.

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Photos: © Luis Díaz Díaz

The Bilbao-based firm AZAB – Cristina Acha, Miguel Zaballa, Ane Arce, Iñigo Berasategui – has turned a 1980s farmhouse into two homes for its owners, a couple and their grown-up daughter. Amid orchards and pasture, the project pursued a double take on domestic life, maximizing the potential of the existing building through a new appearance and upgraded features guaranteeing adequate and compatible use of the two dwellings. The ground-floor unit, previously a farming storehouse with a useful area of 110 square meters, unfolds towards the landscape through a transparent enclosure and an open-plan scheme that concentrates the wet spaces (bathrooms and kitchen) along a central spine.

The perimeter trench emphasizes the private nature of the place, creating an environment that protects the residents while leading their gaze toward the horizon. On the other hand, the upstairs dwelling – with its useful area of 100.97 square meters – is configured by a succession of rooms of similar dimensions, resulting in a space that can be used in different ways. It engages with the surroundings through windows with shutters clad in the same material as the facade. The double domestic program pursues a certain complementarity of uses, in such a way that any part thought out for an autonomous purpose can be drawn into a richer mix that addresses all three occupants’ changing needs.

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