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Timeless elegance for Caffè Morlacchi

TP Arredamenti

Morlacchi  - Cosentino Caffè Morlacchi Perugia Silestone 524 42


Perugia, Italy




Eternal Marquina


2 cm

Architecture / Design

TP Arredamenti


La Torzano Marmi

End date


Silestone heightens the beauty of one of Perugia’s oldest bars

In recent decades, the city of Perugia has grown sufficiently to provide a dynamic and cosmopolitan setting for visitors and residents alike while preserving its small-town charm, nestled in the landscape of Umbria, one of Italy’s loveliest regions. The city’s businesses, as a result, have a very real commitment to upholding its aesthetics and history.

The owners of Caffè Morlacchi, one of Perugia’s oldest bars and strategically located on the square of the same name, were clear that any refurbishment of the premises must preserve the welcoming and elegant atmosphere. Their challenge was to find a material that would withstand the heavy footfall of a popular bar while also complementing the the brick-vaulted ceilings. To accompany this iconic feature of Caffè Morlacchi, along with Liberty Lamps, designer chairs and custom lighting, there could only be one candidate: Silestone.

Morlacchi  - Cosentino Caffè Morlacchi Perugia Silestone 2 44
Morlacchi  - Cosentino Caffè Morlacchi Perugia Silestone 5 46

Eternal Marquina, or the beauty of contrasts

The solemnity and elegance of Silestone Eternal Marquina completes Caffè Morlacchi’s unique atmosphere: seven panels of this colour cover the surface and external sides of the counter, recalling the finest of marbles. The intensity of the black base and the lively white veining are enriched by a Suede n-Boost finish specifically designed resist any type of stain.

Once again, Caffè Morlacchi is ready to welcome current and future residents and tourists for an afternoon or evening of lively conversation, with an espresso or good “birra”, in hand.

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Cosentino’s materials used in this project

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Eternal Marquina


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