Restricted Areas Series
Danila Tkachenko
Danila Tkachenko (Moscow, 1989) shows an almost archaeological concern in his ‘Restricted Areas’ series, examining the utopian quest for technological progress that was once of national interest for the USSR.

The thematic and objective approach to the subjects of the images of Tkachenko frame his work in the field of documentary photography. In his still brief career, the young Russian has already received several awards, including the European Publishers Award for Photography in 2015 thanks to his series ‘Restricted Areas,’ where he travels through almost artificial environments where the pursuit of technological progress has been frustrated and halted in time by multiple causes – nuclear wars, economic crises, natural disasters, etc. – turning them into abandoned and deserted places, witnesses of a technocratic utopia that never arrived.

Restricted Areas Series  - 8 9 31
Water contamination test at the lake around the previously closed scientific city of Chelyabinsk. Russia, 2013
Restricted Areas Series  - 25 33
Excavator on a closed quarry. Moscow region, Russia, 2015
Restricted Areas Series  - 12 3 35
Tropospheric antenna in the north of Russia, 2014
Restricted Areas Series  - 30 37
Part of an unfinished space port. Kyzylorda region, Kazakhstan, 2013
Restricted Areas Series  - 18 39
Restricted Areas Series  - 2 14 41
Antenna built for interplanetary connection. Arkhangelsk region, Russia, 2013
Restricted Areas Series  - 32 43
‘Bulgaria’ ship lifted from underwater, 122 people drowned in it. Republic of Tatarstan, Russia, 2014

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