Raytrace at Milan Design Week
Benjamin Hubert & Dekton by Cosentino
Milan, Italy
Presented at Milan Design Week 2019, Raytrace is an architectural installation for displaying the innovative product Dekton® by Cosentino, which comes alive in the light.

Designed by LAYER founder Benjamin Hubert using Dekton® by Cosentino, Raytrace was put on display in the historical vaulted warehouses situated under the Milan Central Station as part of the third Ventura Centrale exhibition. This venue is a triangular tunnel 25 meters long and 6 meters high, with a mirror at each end that reflects the installation and creates the illusion of an infinite space. Around the triangular tunnel are twenty stools made of Dekton®, inviting visitors to sit down and enjoy the installation.
In designing Raytrace, Benjamin Hubert drew inspiration from the process of elaborating Dekton®, giving the material its water element back and imitating the refraction of light through water. As they enter the installation, visitors can contemplate the mesmerizing caustic design that presents a slow motion, with ripples projected on the surfaces that produce a soothing effect, evoking the calm we feel when immersed in water.
Raytrace uses the new Dekton® Slim, which is only 4 mm thick: durability and technology in a finer, lighter format. Right on the cutting edge for surfaces and one of the lightest in the market, it opens up new possibilities for application in architecture, precisely the project’s intention.

Raytrace at Milan Design Week  - 9 2 31
© David Zanardi
Raytrace at Milan Design Week  - 3.3 33
© David Zanardi
Raytrace at Milan Design Week  - 3 3.1 35
© David Zanardi
Raytrace at Milan Design Week  - 12 4 37
© David Zanardi
Raytrace at Milan Design Week  - 15 99 39
© David Zanardi

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