Gohar Dashti
Nature has an incredible power to swallow up spaces and make then one of its own. Such is its strength that it even colonises urban habitats when humans are not around.

Gohar Dashti, an artist based in Iran, owns a photographic portfolio which sets off from her personal experiences and perceptions during wartime. In fact, some of the most frequent elements shown in her work are the ghostly voids left behind by wars in cities. When citizens flee from their homes their properties are left empty and helpless against the strength of nature. The photographical series ‘Home’ shows what happens when the plant world colonises these forgotten spaces.

Home  - 01 gohar dashti 31
 © Gohar Dashti
Home  - 03 gohar dashti 33
 © Gohar Dashti
Home  - 04 gohar dashti 35
 © Gohar Dashti
Home  - 05 gohar dashti 37
 © Gohar Dashti
Home  - 06 gohar dashti 39
 © Gohar Dashti

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