Cosentino Flagship Project

Dekton: Guaranteed resistance for the Turkish industry

Yağcıoğlu Mimarlık

Open Fuchs  - Open 3 50


Aliağa, Turkey




Domoos | Kelya


890 m2

Architecture / Design

Yağcıoğlu Mimarlık


Façade – Floor and walls – Stairs

End date



8 mm – 20 mm

An important industrial area where materials are key

Aliağa is an industrial district of the Turkish city of Izmir, principally home to oil refineries, lubricant factories, shipyards and steel manufacturing plants. All kinds of chemical particles can be found in an environment like this – in the air, ground and even the rain. These composites can easily damage almost any kind of surface.

The architects in charge of designing the new headquarters for Open Fuchs, a leading lubricant manufacturer, were clear about the critical importance of the materials used for the façade as well as the interior facilities. The project required a surface that could withstand abrasive environments while fulfilling the aesthetic requirements of a multinational company. Dekton proved to be the perfect material.

Open Fuchs  - Open 1 52
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Security provided by certification

For Mehmet Yağcıoğlu, one of the architects responsible for the project, it was essential to choose a material that could resist some particularly hostile exterior conditions. “This is an area that is home to all kinds of industries. The building needed to withstand the effects of its surroundings while also reflecting the importance of the brand”.

Dekton has been awarded certifications that demonstrate its higher resistance to UV rays, extremes of heat and cold and, in particular, chemical agents.

For Yağcıoğlu, it was also important to find a material that would work well in large formats and Dekton was the perfect solution for this requirement.

Dekton makes it easy

For their part, the team from Eyla Mermer&Granit, fabricators and installers, enjoyed working with Cosentino materials. “It was exciting to see how Dekton Kelya 8 mm would be used for the interior surfaces and Dekton Domoos 8 mm for the façade”.

For industry professionals, it’s particularly relevant to work with a highly adaptable material, whose technical specifications go hand-in-hand with aesthetic qualities.

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