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Cosentino ProTV

Cosentino ProTV is a space for fabricators and installers. Here you will find explanatory and training videos to help you get the most out of Cosentino materials: ideas on cleaning and maintenance, cutting and installation and even transport.

Cleaning and maintenance

Due to their physical-mechanical properties, Cosentino surfaces require little maintenance and cleaning is very easy. This video series offers tips for keeping both Silestone and Dekton countertops like day one.



Dekton Slim – Installation

At just 4mm thick, Dekton Slim is the lightest and most versatile Cosentino surface. Without giving up any of the properties that make Dekton unique, such as its hardness or resistance to stains, Dekton Slim allows you to create designer cladding for all types of applications, from furniture to wet areas, such as bathrooms.

Manipulation and installation

In this series of videos we show you how to work different applications with Dekton and Silestone, such as gluing joints, installing large-format flooring or assembling ventilated facades.