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Multidisciplinary team

Our team of technicians and artisans always seeks out the best type of natural stone for the different elements of the project, as well as the right kind of finishes for its use and aesthetic.

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Full-service consultation

Technical proposals are created on the basis of the performance criteria of the stone according to its designated use, the adaptation of the design to the client’s taste and requirements as well as the design and resolution of critical points and elements.

As part of the design concepting phase, we are able to produce infographics and 3D models to give clients a better idea of how their completed project will look.

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Quality control and installation

Each and every piece manufactured must pass the quality control tests and the measurement checks according to the exploded view drawing. Furthermore, every project is modelled in advance in the factory to ensure it is correctly installed.

During the installation phase, the professional team will follow a methodology of excellence that aims to complete the work by optimising timings and minimising inconvenience.

Do you need help with a project?

Contact our specialists for advice

Do you need help with a project?

Contact our specialists for advice

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Maintenance work

In partnership with various research centres and universities, we have developed a series of specific treatments for each of the natural stone products we work with.

Our projects are intended to stand the test of time, retaining the same aesthetic and functional characteristics as their very first day.