TaoCang Art Center

Roarc Renew
Jiaxing, China

Roarc Renew transforms two old granaries into an art center surrounded by a lotus landscape in Jiaxing, China.

TaoCang Art Center  - 00 1 31
Photos: © Wen Studio

On marshland where lotus plants abound, a pair of mid-20th-century granaries that were in disuse have been brought back to life as a 2,448-square-meter art exhibition gallery, thanks to a project carried out by the Shanghai-based firm Roarc Renew. In their own words: “We do believe with great certainty that the essential feature of a renewing project compared to a newly-built project is “conforming to the original energy field of the construction”. The soul of every renewing project is to find out the hidden flow and go with it. It is as if the bright moon cannot be seen before clouds move away.

Certainly, the first thing is to identify which cloud should move away and how to move it away”. Two long corridors, added for auxiliary and circulation purposes, stretch in parallel to the existing constructions, which have not suffered internal changes, and make the gesture of converging in the central void that separates them, completing the axial composition. As in the original sheds, the facades use traditional brick masonry, while the interior shows a reinterpretation of the rhythm of structural frames, with concrete arches defining a series of continuous flexible spaces.

TaoCang Art Center  - 1 1 33
TaoCang Art Center  - 2.2 1 35
TaoCang Art Center  - 3 1 37
TaoCang Art Center  - 4 1 39
TaoCang Art Center  - 5 1 41
TaoCang Art Center  - 6 43
TaoCang Art Center  - 7 45
TaoCang Art Center  - 8 47
TaoCang Art Center  - 9 49
TaoCang Art Center  - 9 10 51
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