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The University of Málaga is awarded the ‘Obra en Blanco Macael’ Prize

Roberto Ercilla, Rubén A. Alcolea, Jorge Tárrago (alcolea+tárrago arquitectos)

Málaga University  - P1566017 scaled 51


Málaga, Spain




White Macael Marble


15,880 m2

Architecture / Design

Roberto Ercilla, Rubén A. Alcolea, Jorge Tárrago (alcolea+tárrago arquitectos)


Ventilated façade, ceilings, flooring, stairs, tiles

End date



1.2 cm / 2 cm / 3 cm

Macael marble for two university buildings

The construction of the new Government Pavilion and Auditorium as part of the extension of the Teatinos campus of the University of Málaga has been awarded the ‘Obra en Blanco Macael’ [Construction in White Macael Marble] Prize. The new Government Pavilion, the Auditorium and the open spaces designed by architects Roberto Ercilla, Rubén A. Alcolea and Jorge Tárrago of alcolea+tárrago arquitectos illustrate the possibilities of using marble for flooring, ventilated façades, ceilings, staircases, claddings and benches.

Scale, design, sustainability and functionality are the main strengths of these new buildings in terms of architectural value. The Prize also recognises the benchmark value for the use and benefits of this natural stone, which is the star of the whole design, as well as the successful combination between the structural elements and the landscaping project on the Louis Pasteur Boulevard outside.

Simple and sustainable architecture

The simple geometric forms that make up the architectural design of the Government Pavilion and the Auditorium give centre stage to two cloister style central courtyards. The almost exclusive use of marble as the only material throughout the design gives the spaces an elegant, classic and simple style. Macael marble also brings added value in terms of sustainability, one of the key aspects of the design.

In terms of structure, both the Government Pavilion and the Auditorium are made of reinforced concrete and feature a ventilated façade with external rock wool insulation, which reduces energy consumption and improves comfort indoors. Another highlight of the project is the glazing of the façades, which features low thermal transmittance double glazing that allow plenty of natural light to pass through, thus optimising energy consumption.

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Geometry and functionality

The complex comprises two large volumes of simple lines in Macael marble and outdoor spaces including a garden, a car park and an outdoor garden. A number of administrative spaces have been created inside the Government Pavilion. To this end, the perimeter of the pavilion is used as a service area and the rest as open and flexible work areas, depending on the needs.

Similarly, the Auditorium houses a series of lobbies surrounding the main hall. Both buildings are connected by a space sheltered by a pergola and paved with Macael marble, from Scalea by Cosentino. The function room of the Auditorium, with a capacity of 795 people, will host institutional events of a social, cultural and business nature.

Landscaping and energy efficiency

The outdoor landscaping project features species native to the area to optimise water resources and promote soil recovery, thus contributing to making this new space a sustainable achievement for the University of Málaga. The project also includes a photovoltaic plant with 250 panels, chargers for electric vehicles, a smart lighting system, a grey water recycling system and a rainwater collection and storage system.

Cosentino’s materials used in this project


White Macael Marble


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