Municipal Archives
Felanitx, Mallorca
Concrete, ceramic, wood, iron, and limestone are the materials that have gone into the reconstruction of the municipal archives of Felanitx, Majorca.

Commissioned by Town Hall, the Majorcan firm Aulets has carried out a sensitive project that respects  preexisting elements while giving an optimal solution to a basic structural problem: the excess weight caused by thousands of metallic filing cabinets resting on the floor slabs. The site is a plot between party walls located right in the center of town, on which the passage of time has deposited residues of urban growth. These elements have been integrated into the design as part of the material history of the building and the city.
In order to make the most of the space and building materials provided, the structure has been layout as a sequence of concrete vaults able to withstand all the loads with thinner slabs.

The building has two floors. The lower one gives access to the whole building and houses the reception, toilet, storage, archives and a consultation room opened to a small courtyard. The upper floor contains more archives and another consultation room.

Municipal Archives  - 010 aulets 31
© José Hevia
Municipal Archives  - 011 aulets 33
© José Hevia
Municipal Archives  - 012 aulets 35
© José Hevia
Municipal Archives  - 02 aulets 37
© José Hevia
Municipal Archives  - 07 aulets 39
© José Hevia
Municipal Archives  - 06 aulets 41
© José Hevia
Municipal Archives  - 09 aulets 43
Municipal Archives  - 05 aulets 45
Municipal Archives  - 08 aulets 47
© Aulets


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