Metropole Rouen Normandie HQ
Jaques Ferrier Architecture
Rouen, France
Like just another feature of the port, the new Métropole Rouen Normandie headquarters are inserted into the industrial landscape of the south bank of the river Seine as it flows through the Norman capital.

Its oblique shapes manage to stand out over the predominantly horizontal other constructions lining the water. The design by Jacques Ferrier Architecture has provided a zone confined to industry and transport with new prospects and uses. All this in a climate of increased concern for the ecosystem, and in support of the eco-district that will eventually rise beside these offices. Both the colors and the dominant light of the Normandy sky help mold the faceted facade and play with the reflections of its colored glass surfaces. The final result is like a detailing of the tonalities present in the city’s stained glass windows. The main volume is divided into two narrow parts, giving natural light a major new entrance. Finally, the entrances and the internal circulation elements are all intuitive and straightforward, and therefore easy to use and ultimately contributing to the qualithy of life of the users.

Metropole Rouen Normandie HQ  - 45 01 31
© Luc Boegly
Metropole Rouen Normandie HQ  - 36 02 33
© Luc Boegly
Metropole Rouen Normandie HQ  - 38 03 35
© Luc Boegly
Metropole Rouen Normandie HQ  - 35 05 37
© Luc Boegly
Metropole Rouen Normandie HQ  - 30 06 39
© Luc Boegly
Metropole Rouen Normandie HQ  - 35 04 41
Metropole Rouen Normandie HQ  -  43
© Luc Boegly


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