Cosentino Flagship Project

The limitless façade


Durango Facade  - H Durango 27 1 37


Durango, España










Ventilated façade


12 mm

Minimal joints for seamless cladding

For the façade of this residential building located in Durango, a small town in the north of Spain, IDOM’s team of architects strived for a simple, elegant finish. Lines and right angles work together with the creamy tone of DKTN Ariane, resulting in an aesthetically pleasing look. From a distance, this ventilated façade offers a sense of continuity, which becomes more pronounced the closer you get thanks to the minimal joints which vertically style this four-storey new building clad in DKTN.

On façades, the ultra-compact DKTN surface offers high UV resistance, ensuring colour consistency over time. Furthermore, as a non-porous material, DKTN is easy to clean, even in urban environments where it is exposed to dirt, wear and aggressive stains such as graffiti. Thanks to its light weight and its availability in a thickness of just 0.4 cm in its DKTN Slim version, this surface has become a benchmark for the installation of ventilated façades in architectural projects of any size and complexity.

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