Cosentino Flagship Project

Infinity Club Residence: sheer luxury on the beaches of Itapema

Gabriela Herde Arquitetura e Design

Infinity Club  - Infinity Residence Gabriela Herde 111 51


Itapema, Brazil


DKTN | Silestone


Kensho – Trilium – Blanco Zeus – Radium


3,000 m2


Gabriela Herde Arquitetura e Design


Sinks - countertops

End date



20 mm

Exclusivity inspired by Dekton and Silestone

The beaches of the South Atlantic still boast lush areas of virtually unspoilt nature, even in towns where the economic boom has driven rapid growth, such as Itapema in the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina.

Itapema's urban planning strategy is focused on respecting the region's environment by limiting the height of buildings and promoting sustainable construction. Based on these concepts, the Infinity Club Residence is a luxury apartment building that combines neoclassical interior design with open spaces in which the light and textures of Cosentino's surfaces play a leading role.

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Sustainability starts with materials

Every apartment in the Infinity Club Residence offers its tenants a selection of ample spaces, from a beautiful garden area that leads to an impressive swimming pool on the building's main terrace, to communal leisure areas, a gymnasium, lounges with sea views and bathrooms worthy of a five-star hotel. Many of the most striking surfaces have been designed using Dekton and Silestone.

The spacious and luminous kitchens are just one example, designed as a space for family and friends to come together to cook and relax around the remarkable worktop made from Dekton Trilium. With a thickness of 20 mm, it was inspired by the intense grey and dark reflections of volcanic stone. Trilium looks stunning while also promoting the sustainability of the building, which has been built with a remarkable 80% of recycled materials.

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Dekton allows for the creation of stunning worktops that can stand up to the thermal shocks that commonly occur in kitchens
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Easy to maintain elegance

Kensho by Silestone is a mottled grey with a soft and uniform grain, subtly enhancing outdoor spaces designed for relaxation as well as the bathrooms and indoor pool area, where Kensho has been used for the washbasins. Silestone is a material that barely requires any maintenance and resists the damage caused by the most common everyday stains.

An elegant colour with a clean and flawless finish was chosen for the suites’ bathrooms. Zeus White by Silestone in Suede finish is a failsafe choice for areas where hygiene and cleanliness are paramount.

The Infinity Club Residence in Itapema has made optimum use of Cosentino's wide range of shades and textures while benefitting from the first-class technical features of Dekton and Silestone as key elements in the home.

Cosentino’s materials used in this project




Blanco Zeus


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