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Singapore's most creative kitchen brings DKTN out to play

Essential Details Interior Design and CJWHDesign

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Essential Details Interior Design
and CJWHDesign

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The challenge of irregular shapes

CulinaryOn is an immersive cooking studio for team-building activities founded in Moscow and has branches in Poland, Romania, and now, Singapore. Completed in four months, CulinaryOn Singapore occupies a 4,000-square-meter, fan-shaped trapezoidal unit in Robertson Quay, Singapore.

The designers turned this challenging, irregular shape into an opportunity to present a dynamic configuration with moving benches and workstations that can be easily adjusted according to the users’ needs.

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Design curves created to endure

The concept of CulinaryOn’s interior design likens culinary journey to a theatrical performance. Thus, the space is designed like a stage and Cosentino is featured front and centre in this culinary stage.

The space is divided into three studios, which are separated from one another by operable panels that can be folded away to merge the spaces as needed. Each studio is anchored by a U-shaped chef’s table with a cooking station at its centre, featuring sleek black DKTN Domoos and DKTN Sirius.

Several movable cooking stations are set around these chef’s table. Each station features cranberry red base paired with DKTN Korus worktop, presenting a smooth, solid grey surface with white veins perfect for culinary experiments.

A curvy bar unites the three studios. Clad in brushed copper and solid teal colour, the bar is finished with Silestone Desert Silver.

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“The surface selection reinforces the concepts of creating a seamless look, a complementary colour scheme; and a subtle, refined and luxe feel with the matte surfaces.”
Charles Wee

Charles Wee

CJWH Design Founder & Sara Quek

Cosentino’s materials used in this project


Desert Silver


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