DKT3 System

Hidden mechanical fixing with staples at intervals along the groove on the edge of the piece

Projects designed to the last detail. To achieve continuous transparent pieces, the meeting points of windows and corners can be critical when making decisions about cutting pieces or when designing aesthetic and functional construction solutions.

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In the DKT3 system, pieces are fastened to the profile by hidden staples that are inserted at intervals along a continuous groove at the edge of the piece, which can end at 3 cm at each extreme, thereby improving the aesthetics and functionality of the lateral pieces. This system is fairly flexible, despite the dimensional limits: in fact, a piece can be a maximum of 70 cm in height per 12 mm of thickness and 100 cm in height per 20 mm thickness.

In cases that require a greater dimension on the vertical section, the 30 mm thickness should be used to counteract the stress exerted on the grooved part of the material from the anchoring. Dekton has this system certified for ventilated facades according to ETA 14/0413 and BBA 16/5346 for 12 mm and 20 mm thicknesses, although it can be used for other non-certified thicknesses.

DKT3 System  - 1 1 31

Detail 1. Vertical section

DKT3 System  - 2 1 33

Detail 2. Horizontal section

DKT3 System  - 3 1 35

Detail 3. Vertical section

DKT3 System  - 4 1 37

Detail 4. Horizontal section

1. Dekton | 2. Stainless Steel Staple | 3. Pressure Spring | 4. Vertical Profile | 5. Self-Propelling Screw | 6. Separator ‘L’ | 7. Mechanical Anchoring | 8. Thermal Insulation | 9. Draught square | 10. Supporting Wall | 11. Fastening in Groove | 12. Aluminium Jamb | 13. Adhesive | 14. Padding

DKT3 Projects

With Dekton, pieces can be cut to measure, fixing the vertical limit and allowing total flexibility on the horizontal, also guaranteeing a high resistance in the interval groove (≥ 670N) as this is an ultra-compacted material.

Unlike conventional ceramics, Dekton is designed and produced as a single entity, with the same colouration and composition throughout, making it suitable for more technically complex applications that require visible solutions without compromising on aesthetics.

Santa Barbara

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Do you need help with a project?

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