DKB System

Pieces are fixed directly to the enclosure

Projects with a multitude of applications. There are designs that seek harmony between all the parts of the whole. Facades, terraces, structure, surfaces… all with a single aesthetic and a single material that provides a uniform covering for every surface.

DKB System  - DKB 31


The DKB system is a fixed facade system, not limited by formats and where the usual thickness is 8 mm. Each piece is applied directly to the enclosure, thanks to a concrete bonding layer applied using the double pasting method on the support and back of the piece,

leaving horizontal and vertical joints of minimum 3 mm. As a general rule, we recommend using hidden safety staples at intervals, making a groove at intervals in the edge of the piece and always following the applicable local regulations for each project.

DKB System  - 31 33
DKB System  - 32 35

1. Dekton | 2. Grout | 3. Hidden Staple | 4. Concrete Bonding | 5. Layer of Mortar | 6. Mechanical Anchoring | 7. Wall

DKB Projects

Dekton becomes the ideal material for surroundings, where the precision in cuts and joints along with the possibility to create hidden anchoring contribute to the visual continuity and overall purity of the building.

To these technical contributions, Dekton adds the stability of exterior colour, high resistance to chemical agents and urban and industrial pollution, which make it a stain- and graffiti-resistant material that provides buildings with an innovative and durable finish.

Casa Alicante

DKB System  - Casa alicante 37

Do you need help with a project?

Contact our specialists for advice

Do you need help with a project?

Contact our specialists for advice

Other construction systems

DKB System  - 5 DKM 100 39


Sculptural projects with high formal value.

DKB System  - 2 DKT 2 100 41


Projects with horizontal hierarchy.

DKB System  - 3 DKT 3 100 43


Projects designed to the last detail.

DKB System  - 4 DKT 4 100 45


Projects with modest resources.