We invite you on a journey through the architectural and the sensory, a voyage to the heart of urban style, guided by Loft, a series that brings to life the design, character, and essence of five iconic neighborhoods around the world.

Let’s begin our journey in England, among the bustling grey of Camden. We will make the most of our trip through Europe and enjoy colors under the Mediterranean light of Poblenou. We will leave the old continent behind and head for New York, where we will walk through Seaport, a color full of marine efflorescence, and then venture into Manhattan to visit the daring and sophisticated Nolita. Our chromatic and sensory journey will culminate in Detroit, in the ever elegant and unique Corktown.

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Silestone’s 5 new colors are inspired by concrete, a material capable of instilling emotions through its textures, finishes, and shades, creating a new relationship between people and objects. A new soulful identity is born, in which materials come to life in their rawest form. Let’s get started.


Rusty tones, steely shades, and the wear and tear of living spaces have inspired Camden. A soft, delicate, homogeneous grey, with a fine grain and a very subtle white veining. Camden is cement grey. It is a versatile, adaptable color, easy to incorporate with any decoration.

LOFT Series  - Moodboards 1 Loft Canden 33
LOFT Series  - Camden 35


Poblenou is a warm, smooth, shade of grey, with very subtle veins on its surface. A matte color reminiscent of Mediterranean sand. The ideal tone to use in a day-to-day family atmosphere.

LOFT Series  - Moodboards 2 Loft Poblenou 37
LOFT Series  - PobleNeu 39


Seaport is a complex grey full of possibilities. It recreates a dark cement color with a worn charm. Its hazy white shade invites you to explore different atmospheres, offering a unique proposition. It is an eccentric color, with personality, ready to satisfy the most demanding preferences.

LOFT Series  - Moodboards Loft Seaport 41
LOFT Series  - Seaport 43


Nolita is a white color with interesting variations of neutral grey tones. It combines especially well with open spaces, where purity and calm are sought, walking hand in hand with art and avant-garde.

LOFT Series  - Moodboards 4 Loft Nolita 45
LOFT Series  - Nolita 47


Its deep grey is ideal to combine with aged materials, such as exposed brick and subtle oxidized colors. Open-grained wood combines perfectly with Corktown to create elegant and mature spaces, and colors such as dark green, and deep grained stone help establish the soft lighting that is characteristic of sophisticated spaces.

LOFT Series  - Moodboards 5 Loft Corktown 49
LOFT Series  - Corktown 51

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