Cosentino Flagship Project

A “diamond” stadium for the University of Missouri

By Populous Architects

University of Missouri  - Univ of Missouri South End Zone 4 51


University of Missouri Faurot Field, Columbia, USA




Domoos | Spectra


520 m2


Populous Architects



End date



12 mm

Elegance with Domoos and Spectra

The southern entrance to the University of Missouri stadium – the renowned Faurot Field – is no longer just a venue for fans. During the stadium’s latest renovation, the so-called ‘Entrance of champions’ was integrated with a spectacular diamond pattern using Dekton colours Domoos and Spectra.

The colours that give life to this facade were chosen carefully to fit in beautifully with the elegant and innovative design that the University management wanted to offer students attending all sporting events. The first things that visitors are attracted by are the contrasts between the matt finish of Domoos and the polished and mirrored-effect of Spectra.

University of Missouri  - Univ of Missouri South End Zone 3 53
University of Missouri
University of Missouri  - Univ of Missouri South End Zone 2 55

When technical requirements do not limit design

One of the main requirements of those managing this project was to find a material that was aesthetically attractive which could also withstand external forces. In Missouri, winters temperatures drop to below zero, while in summer they often exceed 30 degrees.

Dekton easily meets these requirements by providing a high resistance to both thermal contrast and UV rays, guaranteeing that the intensity and uniformity of colours are preserved over time. In addition, thanks to its low porosity, Dekton is easy to clean and maintain.

``The strength and durability of Dekton make it an ideal material for facades exposed to extreme thermal contrasts``
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Cosentino’s materials used in this project

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