Cosentino Flagship Project

W Washington Hotel, welcoming elegance

By Perkins Eastman

W Hotel  - 23 51


Washington D.C, USA


Dekton | Silestone


Iconic Black – Aura


3,700 m2


Perkins Eastman


Bathroom walls and floors – Sinks

End date



0,8 – 1,2 cm

W Hotel  - DSC 3714 53

A hotel from which to explore America’s capital

The Marriott hotel chain offers hundreds of places to stay all over the world, providing travellers with all the comforts of home within a prestigious, well-located property. With this philosophy in mind, the team behind the W Washington Hotel in the U.S. capital decided to fully renovate all the bathrooms of the hotel’s rooms and suites. Their aim was to create an elegant atmosphere and a cosy, inviting experience. The stunning furnishings, coupled with the use of Dekton and Silestone have made this possible.

Reminiscent of classic Calacatta

Dekton Aura has been used on the floor and walls of the bathrooms, a tone that creates nostalgia for the marbles of Calacatta and Carrara. Its bold veining against the white background turns any space into a place to find tranquillity.

For the water closets, Iconic Black was chosen – a definitive Silestone shade with endless possibilities. What’s more, N-Boost technologyadds a shine that radiates cleanliness.

W Hotel  - W Hotel 2 55

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