Case Study

Residential luxury in dialogue with the urban fabric

Andrew Emmerson and Joey Stevens, GBL Architects

8X on the Park  - 8X 10 Final scaled 51


Vancouver, Canada






557 m2


Andrew Emmerson and Joey Stevens, GBL Architects


Ventilated façade fixed with Keil anchors

End date



12 mm

A bright, contemporary façade

In dialogue with the surrounding traditional architecture, rich in masonry façades, the luxury residential building ‘8X On The Park’ literally shines with its glass façade and the off-white colour of Dekton Halo. Located in the northeast of Emery Barnes Park in Vancouver, it is a symbol of the city’s luxurious and exclusive lifestyle. Not only for its design, by GBL Architects, but also for its interior design and complete facilities.

According to Joey Stevens, from GBL Architects, ‘Dekton was chosen primarily to establish a contextual dialogue with the adjoining building, using the heritage masonry, but giving it a more contemporary expression. Durability was also an important factor for the developer’. Thus, the grey shades on off-white Dekton Halo provide a soft and shiny tone like the reflection of a crystal. It is the perfect counterpart to the protruding windows, glass balconies and ‘X’ shapes that give the building its name.

8X on the Park  - 8X 05 Final 63

Lasting and timeless beauty

The visual appeal of the material is not the only reason why GBL Architects and Brenhill Developments, the project developer, opted for Dekton. Its technical features also helped to make the right choice. This is shown by the format, weight and thickness of large Dekton panels, which make it the perfect material for ventilated façades. Furthermore, its high reflection coefficient, non-combustible properties and resistance to UV rays as well as freezing and thawing are exactly what this elegant façade needed. All this makes it an ideal material to withstand harsh weather conditions in both winter and summer without losing its properties or colour. As a result, the façade has a shiny surface on which the sun’s own reflection enhances its unforgettable beauty.

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