Coastal Geometries
Tugo Cheng
Fujian, China
The series titled ‘Coastal Geometries’ is included in the book Discovering China, where the Hong Kong-based photographer explores and portrays the fragility of natural landscapes altered by human beings.

Architect and photographer, Tugo Cheng captures the underlying geometric patterns of traditional aquaculture on the coast of Fujian, southeast China. The rhythmic positioning of fishing nets, shellfish pens, and bamboo poles creates a unique and minimalist landscape, intensified by light. Only the presence of a boat and a fisherman gives the abstract image a sense of reality, through the addition of a human scale. Aside from pursuing aesthetic quality, through his photographs Cheng also works to support the conservation of traditional Chinese fishing culture, threatened by overexploitation.

Coastal Geometries  - 01 tugocheng 31
© Tugo Cheng
Coastal Geometries  - 02 tugocheng 33
© Tugo Cheng

Each photograph focuses on a specific type of geometric pattern — circles, polygons, diagonal or parallel lines —, drawing attention to the repetitive logic of fishing farms.

Coastal Geometries  - 04 tugocheng 35
© Tugo Cheng
Coastal Geometries  - 03 tugocheng 37
© Tugo Cheng

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