Case Study

Sculptural furniture with sensual shapes made from Cosentino natural stone

Laurent Maugoust and Cécile Chenais

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Sensa / Scalea


Sensa Vancouver / Scalea Verde Guaco

Name of the design

Naïl coffee table / Mantis table


Laurent Maugoust and Cécile Chenais



סוג הפרויקט

Furniture design


20 mm, 30 mm

Minimalist design tables

The first pieces of furniture designed by Laurent Maugoust’s eponymous editor, in collaboration with his artistic director Cécile Chenais, are two sculptural tables with a lot of character and a graphic and dramatic design. Both were presented at the Silvera Saint-Germain showroom in Paris, with an exhibition that allows us to fully appreciate their textures and colours, among which Sensa and Scalea by Cosentino stand out.

With their Mantis table and Naïl coffee table, the creative pair have established a dialogue between materials and shapes which revolves around the geometric character of the design and a spirit that is as demanding as it is refined.

Naïl Coffee Table: Sensa Vancouver quartzite tops (1.10 x 0.80 m (x 2 tables) / Thickness: 2 cm) Table base in Scalea Verde Guaco natural stone.


An ideal surface

Sensa Vancouver quartzite and Scalea Verde Guaco marble were the natural stones chosen for the design of these two tables. “Sensa was a great discovery in terms of product, originality and technology. Choosing Vancouver to create this table with such a special, organic and sensual touch is a real success”, explains Cécile Chenais.

Indeed, thanks to the Senguard NK protection, specially developed by Cosentino for the Sensa colour range, the material is exceptionally resistant to stains, aggressive and acidic substances and scratches, while at the same time being easy to maintain on a daily basis, making it an ideal surface. It is also NSF certified, which confirms it as a suitable surface for food contact, with no risk of staining or damage. In this way Sensa combines classic beauty with cutting edge technology, thus maintaining the natural colour of the stone.

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“Choosing Vancouver quartzite to create this table with such a special, organic and sensual touch is a real success”.
Cécile Chenais

Cécile Chenais

Artistic Director at Laurent Maugoust

Mantis Table: Sensa Vancouver quartzite top and chrome inserts. (2.40 x 1 m / Thickness: 3 cm)

Versatile materials

“The interesting thing about Cosentino is that its materials are very versatile. These include natural stones like Sensa, ultracompact and ultra resistant surfaces like Dekton and high tech materials of great aesthetic value like Silestone. They can therefore be used in kitchens as well as for high-end design and the creation of unique objects, which is what we did with this table and coffee table”, explains Laurent Maugoust. “It is very interesting for us to use such high quality products with outstanding technical solutions that can be adapted to different types of projects”, says Cécile Chenais.

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