Andrés Jaque/Office for Political Innovation
Madrid, Spain
Light tents are already outdated. Andrés Jaque and his office show us the ultimate in marble technology.

The transformation of an old garage brings back the building’s original volume and structure by creating a 5-meter-high space with large windows facing the street. The result is a cake shop, a café, and a restaurant where artisans ‘in danger of extinction, such as marble cutters, makers of wooden panels, and varnishers, have worked together. The restaurant uses the properties of marble, a material modified by anchors or reinforced with fiberglass and resin, to work by traction. In what has been an engineering challenge, the project brings this capacity to a limit, creating a self-supporting tent of marble. The tent contains the tables for the diners and makes it possible for the other areas, including the kitchen, to be organized in a C-shaped zone along the perimeter.

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First floor
Rómola  - j 41
Underground floor
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