Dehlin Brattgård Arkitekter
Stockholm, Sweden
Boxen, a new gallery space at ArkDes in Stockholm, is a robust machine for fast-changing, experimental exhibitions that the firm Dehlin Brattgård Arkitekter has designed.

The project provides a new piece of utilitarian architecture within the museum’s configuration of spaces. It is at the center of a temporary exhibition hall adjacent to the permanent exhibition, and announces itself ahead, from the main foyer.

The gallery-within-a-gallery is built with a steel structure that exposes itself externally, and a ramp skirts it in a cantilever, enabling visitors to contemplate the exhibits around from different  vantage points. By means of this ramp, people become an integral part of Boxen’s external image. It begins at the main opening, passes by a viewing platform at a large circular opening to peer in through, and ends in a balcony that stretches the entire length of one of Boxen’s sides. From there, a hidden staircase leads back down to the surrounding preexisting hall.

The roof is lifted over the tops of the walls, creating a connection between the exhibition space inside Boxen and the larger gallery around. This also lets daylight into the box, which contains a high room, symmetrical and white, characterized by a reduced visual expression and generous dimensions. The result is a neutral place where a wide variety of exhibitions and events can be accommodated.

The layering of materials on the outside of the structure produces a visual depth which, along with the numerous openings, blurs the boundaries between the inner space of Boxen, the external exhibition surface, and the surrounding museum hall.

Boxen  - 55 1 31
© Johan Dehlin
Boxen  - 20 2.1 33
© Johan Dehlin
Boxen  - 17 2.2 35
© Johan Dehlin
Boxen  - 56 3 37
© Johan Dehlin
Boxen  - 12 4.1 39
© Johan Dehlin
Boxen  - 14 4.2 41
© Johan Dehlin
Boxen  - 8.0 43
Boxen  -  45
Boxen  -  47
Boxen  - 65 99 49
© Mikael Olsson 

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