Welcome to your Cosentino City

You are about to enter a very special place. A dynamic, social space exclusively created by architects and designers, where you can discover, explore and be inspired by the Cosentino DNA as you work.

Materials, services and trends in a space designed for you

At Cosentino City, you’ll find the full range of materials and services that Cosentino offers to provide a fully-integrated solution for your needs. It’s an exclusive meeting place for professionals who seek to share ideas, to stay ahead of market trends and to take part in innovative experiences and activities for their sector.

A global network of centres for design and architecture, tailored to professionals

Cosentino has a global network of unique Cosentino Cities, each imbued with the energy, history and dynamism of the world’s most cosmopolitan urban centres. Every space offers different ideas, experiences and activities that will help position you at the forefront of your sector. Discover them all.

The meeting point for creators

Cosentino has created a full programme of activities for you, allowing you to get in touch with the community of architects and designers in your city.

Dinners with big names in the industry, cooking workshops to socialise and have fun, photography, design and architecture exhibitions… as well as your own projects and presentations. View the list of activities and book your spot to enjoy the perfect place to get you inspired.

You decide how you want to experience your Cosentino City

Make this multipurpose space your own and get the most out of it: use it for your brand presentations, as the perfect setting to showcase your latest architectural project, or invite your clients to discover the market’s latest cutting-edge materials.

What do the professionals say?

“The best ally for professionals who work with Cosentino materials. A place to innovate and find inspiration”
Ron Arad

Ron Arad