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When a barbecue becomes art

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First of all, the design

How do you end up designing kitchens specifically for outdoor use? For Raphael Coray, it all started when his wife bought him a barbecue. That gift sparked a passion that has turned into a business: Prime Two Outdoor Kitchen Lifestyle.

Today, the Swiss brand has become a benchmark for the design of all kinds of outdoor kitchens which share a common principle: functionality is certainly important, but beauty comes first. The most recent example is this outdoor barbecue clad in DKTN Kreta, a genuine piece of art, which its designer explains: ‛When designing, I like to be inspired by modern architecture. For me, the focus is on appearance. For this latest design I was inspired by the villa “proyecto / 705”, by Russian architect Roman Vlaslov.’

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DKTN, the material to stand-up to the weather

This is not the first time Raphael Coray has worked with DKTN. In fact, he knows this material well, having tested it against the potential challenges that an outdoor kitchen can face at social events: acids, cleaning products, dirt, knocks... The material not only withstood, but also retained its properties. An essential feature for this type of kitchen.

‛There is nothing more merciless than nature. DKTN can withstand high temperature variations from winter to summer, harsh weather conditions and even environmental pollution without any problems’, says Coray.

The ultra-compact DKTN surface is a non-porous material and as such is especially resistant to stains, humidity and temperature contrasts, making it suitable for use in façades and original projects such as Prime Two kitchens.

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Vous avez besoin d’aide sur un projet ?

Contactez nos spécialistes pour obtenir des renseignements

``I recommend DKTN as I have only had good experiences with it and it can provide my customers with great results.``
Raphael Coray

Raphael Coray

CEO Prime Two Outdoor Kitchen Lifestyle

Matériaux Cosentino utilisés dans ce projet

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