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Scandic The Reef, a slice of the Caribbean in Denmark

Haaning A/S

Scandic The Reef  - Scandic main 51


Frederikshavn, Denmark


Haaning A/S




Aluminio Nube


H-Line washbasins by Silestone

End Date


Silestone H-Line, easy maintenance for a heavy-duty washbasin

Scandic The Reef is more than just a hotel. Its attractions and facilities which are typical of a water park plus its Caribbean decor, offer a completely unique experience to visitors. Everything at Scandic The Reef is a journey into nature and fun, where you can hear the sound of rushing water around every corner. This tranquillity is also present in the cloakrooms, where the H-Line washbasins by Silestone can be found.

The hotel’s interior designers were looking for a material that was both highly resistant and visually appealing. The H-Line washbasins by Silestone, in Aluminio Nube, provide a clean and neat appearance, including features such as mitred edges, which give a smooth finish to the entire structure.

In addition to its beautiful design, Silestone is easy to maintain and clean, it withstands daily use and does not lose its properties or colour consistency over time.

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