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Cosentino colours are very present in the refurbished offices of Rast

By Tuğçe Özdoğan Design Studio

Rast Office  - Rast Office 12 51


Ankara, Turkey


Dekton | Silestone


Arga| Milar | Royal Reef | Sirius | Spectra | Taga | Edora| Radium | Snowy Ibiza


420 m2


Tuğçe Özdoğan Design Studio


Wall cladding | Worktop | Reception desk | Facade


0,8 cm | 1,2 cm

End date


Nine Dekton and Silestone applications

It is no coincidence to find up to nine applications of Dekton and Silestone in the same project. Rast Grup’s architect Tuğce Özdoğan is in love with Cosentino products and has used them extensively on interior and exterior walls, worktops and on the reception desk of these offices.

For the wall cladding, the designer has combined the sand and beige colours and marbled finishes of Dekton Arga, Dekton Royal Reef and Dekton Taga, with the grey and black shades and industrial finishes of Dekton Milar and Dekton Spectra.

This beige and black combination pattern has also been used on the worktops and other horizontal surfaces, but with different finishes: Dekton Edora, from the Natural collection, provides the cream colour while Dekton Radium adds the black and industrial touch. The only concession to classicism comes from Silestone Snowy Ibiza, a bright white with very subtle grey veins.

The result is a very attractive combination of textures and nuances from two unique shades.

AVEND Çayyolu, the Premium brand of Rast Grup

The offices of the construction company Rast Grup are located in the brand new AVEND Çayyolu building. AVEND is the brand used by Rast Grup for its premium residential buildings, ensuring innovation and the highest quality standards for its residents. It is not surprising that “avend” means peak or high rank in Ottoman Turkish. AVEND’s mission is to always aim for the top and respond to people’s needs.

To meet such an ambitious mission, it was necessary to use innovative and quality materials such as Dekton and Silestone.

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“Our passion for the use of natural materials has found in Dekton the perfect partner thanks to its resistance and endless uses, features that cannot be found in other materials”
Tuğçe Özdoğan

Tuğçe Özdoğan


Matériaux Cosentino utilisés dans ce projet

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