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A Silestone spiral staircase to add to the luxury of Cheshire

Barr + Wray

Carden Park Hotel  - Carden Park Hotel Silestone 253 42


Cheshire, UK




Calacatta Gold | Eternal Marfil


Bircan Tulga, Black Edge Productions


Barr + Wray


Stairs, reception desks and spa steam-room

End date


Épaisseur :

12 / 20 / 30 mm

A design spa with unique colours

The English county of Cheshire, south of Liverpool, is recognised as a great example of the true English countryside. And here is precisely where the Carden Park Hotel is located: a luxury accomodation which has, among its main attractions, an impressive spa which has been meticulously designed.

Barr + Wray, the company in charge of the hotel design project, was looking for a material that would fit in with the establishment. It had to be resistant to moisture and wear and tear, but above all it had to offer colours and textures that would enhance the guests’ sensory experience. There is nothing better than Silestone Calacatta Gold and Eternal Ivory to create this unique atmosphere.

Carden Park Hotel  - Carden Park Hotel Silestone 22 44
Carden Park Hotel  - Carden Park Hotel Silestone 3 46

Silestone: care for detail

For this interior design project, Silestone was chosen for some key areas within the Carden Park hotel, such as the main stairs, the reception desks and the spa facilities.

The aim was to reproduce an atmosphere of calm and relaxation through colours reminiscent of marble. Silestone Calacatta Gold recreates that sophisticated and seductive veined characteristic of natural stones, and thanks to its delicate golden reflections, it displays a majestic look in areas such as the spiral staircase that welcomes guests.

Calacatta Gold has also been used in the spa steam-room, playing a key role in its detail-oriented decoration.

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``We wanted to appeal to the most discerning guests, and with the help of Silestone we have created amazing and elegant designs``
Steve Morgan

Steve Morgan

Owner of the Carden Park Hotel

Surfaces for the five senses

Silestone Eternal Ivory brings warmth to the marble, creating a sense of welcome, and its finish offers a distinctive sensation to the touch. For all these reasons, it has been used at the reception desks, so that clients get a first impression and example of the experiences they are about to enjoy.

Luxury is reflected in the detail. Silestone wealth of colours and textures means every interior design project acquires its own personality, as is the case of Carden Park Hotel, which has been designed to create an unforgettable experience for its guests.

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Matériaux Cosentino utilisés dans ce projet


Eternal Calacatta Gold


Eternal Marfil


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