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Velázquez 34, the innovation of a natural stone façade

Rafael de la Hoz Studio

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Madrid, Spain

Architecture / Design

Rafael de la Hoz Studio


Natural stone


Traventino Nogal

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Light and silence. Glass and stone

“The replacement of an existing façade with a new façade is possibly the most challenging task for an architect”. This is how the prestigious architect Rafael de la Hoz begins to explain one of the projects that his studio has undertaken together with Cosentino: the comprehensive refurbishment of the façade of the Velázquez 34 building, located in Madrid’s elegant Salamanca neighbourhood.

The building has undergone a full interior and exterior refurbishment, in line with energy efficiency guidelines and with the aim of creating a space that enhances light and silence in the middle of the bustling Spanish capital. In addition to the technical challenges of the project, it was also imperative to create an elegant, austere and resistant façade. Cosentino’s natural stone has been the centrepiece of a façade with a style that is as innovative as it is classic.

“The replacement of an existing façade with a new façade is possibly the most challenging task for an architect”
Rafael de la Hoz Studio

Rafael de la Hoz Studio

Natural stone for an energy efficient façade

The Velázquez 34 building features a double façade overlooking Goya and Velázquez streets, in which glass and natural stone come together in perfect harmony to give the structure strength while allowing natural light to flood in. Each column is a unique piece, a ‘vertebra’ of this façade made up of “solid and huge marble stones from Almería, which embrace the concrete pillars”, says Rafael de la Hoz. Specifically, the colour Traventino Nogal from Cosentino’s Natural Stone collection has been used to outline the skin of the building.

For the architect, “this façade makes its stone gravity and visual transparency compatible with solar protection thanks to the use of exterior textile blinds”. The motorised blinds are automatically operated in response to the incidence of sunlight, allowing the building to optimise energy use.

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City-proof, robust aesthetics

As De la Hoz explains, the façade is always a complex architectural element, and if the building is located in the very heart of a challenging city like Madrid, the difficulties multiply. Dirt and damage are the main ‘enemies’ of a façade exposed to traffic and movement of the population.

Thanks to its unique treatment, Cosentino’s natural stone offers high resistance and durability even in complex environments, which together with its wide range of colours, makes this material a great choice for demanding architectural projects.

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