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Dekton Blanc Concrete – a concrete colour with character for this façade in Vic

Marçal Codina i Franch

Facade FJ  - Facade FJ VIC 1 52


Vic, Spain

Architecture / Design

Marçal Codina i Franch




Blanc Concrete







UV-resistant material

The town of Vic, in the north of Spain and very close to the Pyrenees, experiences a temperature variation that results in freezing sub zero winter temperatures and scorching summers with overwhelming heat and humidity. Weather conditions are such that the materials exposed to the elements can easily be damaged, so the owners of this residential project decided to compliment a classic and functional exposed brick façade with Dekton.

The ultra-compact Dekton surface is specially designed for use on façades due to its high resistance to external factors: from UV rays that do not damage or alter the colour consistency, to its low water absorption as a non-porous material; as well as its resistance to knocks and scratches, Dekton offers high resistance and low maintenance.

Beautiful colour that does not fade outdoors

Dekton Blanc Concrete – a beige concrete with delicate grey veining reminiscent of the vulnerability and beauty of concrete – was used for this residential building in Vic. The resistance of Dekton allows the architect or designer to create outdoor surfaces with the full range of colours in the Dekton catalogue, ensuring that the sun’s rays, saltpetre or any other external element will not damage the colour.

Specifically, 12mm thick Dekton has been used for the finishes of the balconies and windows of this bonded façade, as well as for the walls of the penthouse that crowns the building. The cut-to-size slabs are particularly striking, as the horizontal lines have combined to create a harmony that complements the exposed brickwork very well.

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Blanc Concrete


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