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A modern house designed with comfort and sustainability in mind

Ricard Fina Calatrava

San Gregori  - Cosentino StGregori 03 51


Sant Gregori, Girona






400 m2

Architecture / Design

Ricard Fina Calatrava


Ventilated façade


8 mm

Ventilated façade, natural temperature regulation

The main attraction of this house, located in a pretty village in northern Spain, is its commitment to modernity: making use of cubic forms combining black and wood tones, architect Ricard Fina Calatrava has played with the layout of a single horizontal plane that contrasts with the rural environment surrounding the house.

The architect wanted to avoid the clichés of the traditional “rustic” house and went for a contemporary, highly functional and efficient design. To this end, he opted for a ventilated façade capable of optimising the interior temperature of the house and, at the same time, standing the test of time.

The chosen material was Dekton Sirius in 8 mm thick slabs. It is a finish with a textured visual sensation and greenish touches that brings realism and strength to the project. It is available with mesh and in 320 x 140 cm slabs, making it ideal for large surfaces such as façades and interior claddings.

San Gregori  - Cosentino StGregori 05 69

Dekton facilitates the construction of light and resistant façades

Ventilated façades are emerging as one of the best choices in terms of sustainability and energy efficiency. The façade of the house in Sant Gregori was mounted on an aluminium frame. The Cosentino team provided Ricard with advice throughout the process, resolving technical and logistical issues.

Concern for energy efficiency extends to the use of solar panels and other sustainable and environmentally friendly systems. As a Carbon Neutral material, Dekton adds an extra touch of sustainability to any architectural project, while ensuring a long lasting lifetime, as its colour will not fade with prolonged exposure to the sun and it will not scratch or crack. It is a perfect solution for a functional yet beautiful house.

Tarvitsetko apua projektin kanssa?

Ota yhteyttä asiantuntijoihimme saadaksesi neuvoja

Tarvitsetko apua projektin kanssa?

Ota yhteyttä asiantuntijoihimme saadaksesi neuvoja

“We considered other porcelain tiles for the project, but we opted for Dekton because of the quality of the material, which fits the façade perfectly and can be handled on site”
Ricard Fina Calatrava

Ricard Fina Calatrava


Cosentino’s materials used in this project




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