Kap West

Arets Architects
München, Saksa

A total of 12.600 m² of DKTN give the office buildings a uniform image.

Kap West  - 00 6 31
Photos: ©Marco Kessler / Mediashots

Located in Munich’s Am Hirschgarten district, the Kap West campus, designed by Wiel Arets Architects, stands out on the western edge of the city for its bold volume. Two towers of 60 and 53 meters rise above a plinth with a double U shape that closes an interior courtyard. The composition of the elevations, formed by an orthogonal grid, conveys a sober and dynamic image, because the dimension of the openings changes slightly depending on the position. The facade was one of the main challenges during the construction process, developed in collaboration with HPP Architekten. Aside from the huge number and variety of pieces, it was necessary to guarantee an efficient installation with pre-assembled elements. Instead of other options

such as artificial stone reinforced with fiberglass, the ultracompact surface DKTN was an ideal option because it reduced the overall weight by a third thanks to the reduced thickness of the surfaces, which reaches 12 millimeters. This material is also resistant to weather, scratches, impacts, and stain proof, making it possible to remove stubborn stains and even graffitis. The tight tolerance of 0.5 mm makes for very exact and narrow joints of just 10 mm. The color Keon belongs to the Tech collection and takes inspiration in the tone of concrete, which gives the complex an urban character. The result is a rigorous and elegant building that engages in dialogue with its context by means of folds, overhangs, and surprising perspectives.

Kap West  - 1 5 33
Kap West  - 2 4 35
Kap West  - 3.1 1 37
Kap West  - 3.2 1 39
Kap West  - 3.3 1 41
Kap West  - 4 4 43
Kap West  - 99 5 45

The cladding consists of 12.600 square meters of ultracompact DKTN surface whose thickness can be reduced to 12 mm, achieving a very precise detailing with 10 mm joints between pieces.

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