Alpi Apuane
Primož Bizjak
Apuan Alps, Italy
It is easy to fall for nature when looking at it from Primoz Bizjak´s point of view.

On view through 21April at Galerija Gregor Podnar is ‘Alpi Apuane,’ a series of images taken between 2014 and 2017 by the Slovenian photographer Primož Bizjak. From the Apuan Alps came many of the slabs, plaques, and drums that went into the building of great Renaissance monuments in Italian cities. Bizjak immortalized the marble quarries and geometrical formations of the Apuan mountains, which even today patiently wait to be carved further. Each picture is an invitation to enter a highly sensitive and intimate, neverending  story of veins, cuts, and reflections. A neo-romantic view of the landscape, achieved through observation, patience, and the surrealist approach by which the artist understood this example of artificial nature.

Passo della Focolaccia © Primož Bizjak
Tre Fiumi © Primož Bizjak
Passo del Vestito © Primož Bizjak
Alpi Apuane en Galería Gregor Podnar
Sella di Macina © Primož Bizjak

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