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Sensa helps to recreate the sensations of a ‘spa’ at home

Luxury Residential Bathroom  - Luxury Bathroom 8 51


Dublin, Ireland


Sensa | Silestone


Desert Silver | Black Beauty | Lagoon


Bathroom floor & Shower tray | Bathroom Shower cladding & vanity top | Kitchen countertops

Arquitectura / Diseño

Michelle Dunne from Realm Concepts

Fecha de finalización



Granite & Marble Crafts

A very personal project

RTE radio presenter Jenny Greene and her wife Kelly Keogh moved into their dream home on 12th March 2020, the day before Ireland went into lockdown. After purchasing their new home, they were both in agreement that their number one room was to be their bathroom and working with designer Michelle Dunne from Realm Concepts, the decision was made early on to convert the main guest room into a luxury bathroom.

Michelle Dunne habla sobre el plan de diseño: «En un principio, cuando compraron la casa, esta tenía cuatro dormitorios con un cuarto de baño muy pequeño en la parte posterior, así que, cuando estudiamos la distribución, nos pareció lógico derribar la pared entre los dos dormitorios delanteros para crear un dormitorio principal mucho más grande y cambiar el segundo dormitorio que había junto a esta habitación por un cuarto de baño espacioso».

“The clients had a very specific wishlist. They wanted two sinks, a large walk-in shower, a stand-alone bath, and plenty of storage. Storage was going to be key as they were sacrificing one of the bedrooms. In terms of the style brief, the clients wanted to go for an ‘Industrial look’ and that they didn’t want it to be too feminine. When starting any new project, I like to get a sense of the client’s own personal style, how they dress etc.”

All of nature’s originality, at home

The Sensa by Cosentino colours are unique and exclusive, they are in tune with the nature that has created them. There are 16 different shades available, each one of them in different textures: suede, polished or caresse. Sensa colours are presented with a beauty born from nature and selected by Cosentino, to turn these surfaces into a unique and unparalleled design. Sensa by Cosentino is the natural stone collection of Cosentino Group that counts on a stain resistant protection that makes them unique, elegant and high-quality surfaces with reliable properties.

Michelle mentions, “As the walls and the shower were going to be so dark, the floor needed to be bright and clean. Silestone Desert Silver was the perfect choice to complement Sensa Black Beauty.”

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Silestone, an easy to maintain designer surface

Michelle explains that, “For the walls, the clients weren’t afraid of bold colours; and in my mind I had already been thinking of a dark green, but it just so happened when we visited Cosentino’s showroom, the client was wearing a lovely khaki jacket which certainly helped to visualize the palette and inform our selection of the stones.”

On choosing Sensa Black Beauty, Michelle outlines, “When I saw the Sensa black beauty and enquired about the size of the slab I did a rough calculation in my head and realized it was the perfect size to get both the shower walls and the vanity unit in one slab. This was ideal as we didn’t want to waste any material”.

On deciding to choose a suede finish for the Silestone floor, Michelle outlines that “I think that suede and matte finishes are timeless so it was important for design longevity to select stone that will transcend the years. A monochrome base and palette can achieve this. It means that the clients can freely update the look of their bathroom over the years just by changing the paint colour on the walls.

Finally, client Jenny Greene added, “The team at Cosentino were so helpful to us. We are so happy with each and every piece from Cosentino”.

Luxury Residential Bathroom  - Luxury Bathroom 9 67

Materiales de Cosentino utilizados en este proyecto


Desert Silver


Black Beauty




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