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Dekton complements Jamaica’s natural beauty

Antrobus + Ramirez

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Dekton | Natural Stone


Zenith | Edora | Blanco Macael | Caliza Alba


11.150 m2

Architecture / Design

Antrobus + Ramirez Interior Design


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Floor, bathroom walls and pool

120 rooms and almost 9,000 m2 of Dekton

It has taken the Spanish Court Hotel just 10 years to establish itself as one of the most outstanding properties in the Caribbean, becoming one the top three accommodation options chosen by the public according to specialist travel websites. Among the qualities that make this hotel unique is the characteristic style of its décor, which combines natural elements from the Caribbean surroundings with cutting-edge, modern materials. This is the style that Christopher Issa, owner of the Spanish Court, wanted to maintain and enhance when renovating the hotel in 2019.

“We wanted the hotel to complement the natural beauty of Jamaica,” explains Issa who, alongside his team, searched for the most suitable materials for the project. “The designer wanted a white floor and finding the right one was among our biggest challenges.” Cue Dekton by Cosentino and its wide variety of colours.

Spanish Court Jamaica  - Dekton Zenith Hotel Jamaica S Flooring4 52
Spanish Court Jamaica  - Dekton Zenith Hotel Jamaica S Flooring3 54

Dekton Zenith, the all-encompassing white

The renovation of the Spanish Court Hotel involved refurbishing the luxurious bedrooms and their spectacular bathrooms. The Antrobus + Ramirez studio opted to use 6,967 m2 of the Dekton Zenith colour for this task, as a way to let the light in Jamaica flood into every room. As the owner, Christopher Issa describes the result, “When you walk into the rooms refurbished with Dekton, they feel like a million-dollar suite.”

The Cosentino team, headed by Astor Paz, General Manager at Cosentino Center Fort Lauderdale, provided important guidance when it came to choosing the materials: “We were able to provide help and advice with regard to the installation of the materials. In fact, we spent several days training the team of installers.” The result of this close collaboration is the 1,858 m2 of Dekton used in the hallways, in the Danae shade with the Grip+ anti-slip finish.

Natural stone in the areas dedicated to relaxation and fun

Among the Spanish Court Hotel’s main attractions are the spa areas, where guests can relax and the large pool, designed for fun as well as comfort. In these areas, the designers have sought to maintain a sense of coherence with the surroundings by using Natural Stone, in the Caliza Alba shade for the pool and White Macael for the spa.

Spanish Court Jamaica  - Natural Stone Blanco Macael Hotel Jamaica S Spa1 56

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“Dekton is natural in one sense, yet modern in another. It offers us exactly what we wanted to achieve for this hotel”
Christopher Issa

Christopher Issa


Support during the project execution phase

Christopher Issa highlighted how easy it was to work with Cosentino, which not only gave him the opportunity to understand the properties of the materials and to discover the wide range of colours, but also to visit the Cosentino production headquarters in Almería, Spain.

The support we received, both in the choice of the most appropriate materials as well as the training prior to the installation, was one of the factors that made this project such a success, both in terms of design and execution.

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Materiales de Cosentino utilizados en este proyecto






Blanco Macael


Caliza Alba


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