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La Cloche d’Or: Silestone makes its mark at the most demanding of buffets

Matfer Bourgeat Architects

Auchan  - Food Court 45






White Storm




Matfer Bourgeat & Francesconi Marbrerie


Auchan La Cloche D’Or

Fecha de finalización



2 cm

A bold statement in purest white

As one enters the restaurant at Auchan La Cloche D’Or in Luxembourg, the first thing that catches the eye is a vast Silestone counter in spotless white. To be specific, more than 330 m2 of White Storm worktops The gleaming white colour, round-cut corners and high resistance in areas exposed to extremes of heat and cold make this material the perfect solution to meet the daily challenges of contrasting temperatures and constant use.

The Matfer Bourgeat architecture studio sought a durable, functional material with the capacity to withstand the demanding daily pace of the self-service area. Durability wasn’t the only factor, however. The material used must also provide maximum hygiene levels to diners as well as an aesthetically pleasing appearance to match that of the surrounding shopping centre.

Auchan  - Auchan Dekton 66 59

Dining as an essential part of the experience

The Auchan La Cloche D’Or has been designed to offer a shopping experience that exceeds that of the typical supermarket. The cutting-edge services – app, loyalty programme, easy scan system, beauty bar – are complemented by an interior architecture characterised by clean, pure lines that Silestone and its colour range match to perfection.

La Brasserie, the restaurant for Auchan La Cloche D’Or customers, is the best reflection of this balance between functionality and aesthetics. And its splendid worktop is a beautiful, bespoke solution for the self-service area.

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White Storm


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