Real Marble

Estocolmo, Suecia

La nueva tienda de la marca Acne Studios diseñada por Arquitectura G en el centro de Estocolmo, Suecia.

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Photos: © José Hevia

A former banking office in the Swedish capital – an anonymous institutional building located in the city center – became world-famous in 1973 because of an armed heist and hostage crisis that triggered in the victims a psychological reaction later called the ‘Stockholm syndrome.’ Successive renovations carried out by various occupants spoiled the building’s original configuration, and this latest intervention has sought to revive the splendor of the solid neoclassical architecture that is so much a hallmark of early 20th-century ‘temples of money.’ Designed by Arquitectura G, the new flagship store of the

multidisciplinary fashion label Acne Studios has brought back the Ekeberg marble tile flooring of before while upgrading the massive Doric columns that once chained together the old banking halls, which have been redone in imitation marble in the rear part of the shop to mark a new area for fitting rooms. The project is rounded off with a grid of metal luminaires fastened to the ceiling designed by Benoit Lalloz and a number of display surfaces made of resin but given a marble-like finish which, created by Max Lamb, have the effect of mirroring the gravitas of the sumptuous backdrop.

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Las tres habitaciones que conforman la tienda se conectan entre sí a través de columnas, algunas de las cuales son originales y otras son nuevas, como las que ocultan los baños al final del eje principal.

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