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Design and hygiene for a leading culinary school

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Granada, Spain




Trilium | Aura 15


335 m2


Countertops | Flooring | Reception desk

End date



1,2 cm

Dekton, design with large format

Pilsa Educa is a hospitality school, located in Armilla (Granada) for professional and amateur chefs, in which excellence, innovation and leadership are the main ingredients.

The interior design work carried out in this school is inspired by an industrial unit where the original metal structure and brick walls are visible within the old building. The factory-style decor is interposed by various elements that bring us closer to the eternal beauty of nature and also visually differentiate the different spaces.

The Pilsa Hostelería Técnica design team wanted, from the very beginning, to expand the industrial aspect of the walls and metal structures to the floors and other elements such as worktops or work tables in the classrooms. After looking into several possibilities, the ultra-compact Dekton surface offered such a wide range of colours and sizes to suit any design.

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A sustainable surface made to last

The Trilium colour, which is part of the Dekton Industrial Collection, was the perfect colour to meet the initial aesthetic requirements thanks to its unique oxidised metal appearance. The chiaroscuro contrast of this surface and its smooth texture give it an unparalleled industrial appearance. Another stand-out feature is that it’s environmentally sustainable: Trilium is manufactured with up to 80% recycled materials from the Dekton production process itself.

Dekton Trilium covers classroom floors and, as if it were one whole flowing piece of material, it runs along the work tables and worktops, where cooking classes are taught or culinary activities and events are held. In total, 260m2 of Dekton® Trilium has been applied to flooring, vertical cladding and worktops.

Due to the vast amount of activities that take place in the building every day, the Pilsa Educa cooking school needs materials that, in addition to being beautiful, are hard-wearing and functional in order to guarantee their durability over time. Dekton’s resistance to heat, cold, heavy-duty use, scratches and stains make it the perfect choice. Cosentino’s ultra-compact surface also allows food to be prepared and handled directly on the surface without any fear of breakage or burning, and ensuring maximum hygiene and safety.

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“The most significant advantage for us has been that Dekton has allowed us to have flooring that gives a feeling of complete continuity due to its size.”
Javier López Bolivar

Javier López Bolivar

CEO Pilsa

Endless possibilities for creating unique spaces

A natural look has been chosen by the Pilsa Hostelería Técnica team for the reception area in order to differentiate it aesthetically from the classrooms and working areas.

A large wall of grass welcomes you. Its intense green colour contrasts with the natural white mantle offered by the Dekton surface, in its Aura shade, which extends across the floor and the reception desk. The attractive Aura shade, from the Dekton Natural Collection, is simply incredible. The white background is enhanced by the pattern of clear and elegant grey veins that evoke natural rock formations.

A total of 75m2 of Dekton Aura has been applied to the floor, reception counter, bar and worktop.

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Cosentino’s materials used in this project




Aura 15


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