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Façades that adapt

Dekton is the material capable of providing versatility and improving any façade project, without limit. With Dekton, the façade can be adapted to the image that the architect wishes to create.

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Joint resolutions

Dekton offers infinite possibilities, thanks to a low linear dilation and the possibility to create the edges in straight or miter cuts. From marked corners to ones that are almost invisible, lending a monolithic aspect

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Integration until the edge

Dekton is one of the few construction materials that facilitates high integration between the edge and its surface. This enables its perimeter or edge to be used as part of the design, leaving the edges of the pieces visible.

Valdebebas - chromatic variety

Color uses and resources

The chromatic variety of Dekton allows the use of different colors as an instrument of design, maintaining homogeneity and character, thus avoiding certain limitations caused by the use

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Adjustment of geometric complexities

The capacity of Dekton to be fabricated with simple or complex cuttings makes it an ideal material to cover difficult shapes. This allows it to be perfectly adapted to uneven areas.

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High transitions

The lower part of façades is the area that's most prone to impact.

The variety of thicknesses used in Dekton allows for the use of thicker pieces in the lower area and finer pieces in the upper one, maintaining the homogeneity of the set and giving each section the necessary technical characteristics.

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Do you need help with a project?

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