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New Dekton ID. Designed by you, for you.

Simulation of façade customization with illustrations

Thanks to Cosentino's Dekton ID service, you can customize your Dekton slabs without limits: exclusive colors, unique design patterns and original textures.

Design your Dekton slabs without limits while keeping all the product advantages

Dekton iD is a Cosentino® avant-garde service, that allows the customisation of any Dekton® surface. With Dekton iD, you can print graphics in any colour, change textures, and create totally original designs with customised colours, textures and finishes. All of this, while maintaining all the advantages of this ultra-compact surface.

Two different levels of customization to suit each project

Dekton iD PRO

From 11,000 sq. ft.

Customize your project with our wide range of colors.

  • Pick any base color from our catalogue.
  • Choose a texture.
  • Print any design you wish: patterns, graphics… even your brand logo.


From 27,000 sq. ft.

Maximum level of customization for your projects

  • Customize all colors, textures and finishes.
  • Adapt all the elements to your needs, from base colors, textures and finishes, to sizes and much more.

How does it work?

You provide the inspiration; Cosentino provides the means.

1. Submit your idea

Tell us your idea. Our team will contact you to help you choose the best option according to your needs.

2. Personalized advice

Cosentino's R&D team will help you with your project, supporting you at every step of the process

3. Bring your vision to life

Dekton ID’s aim is clear: to achieve a perfect, customized result just like you imagined it.

Send us your idea, and we will answer all your questions.

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Dekton ID Projects

Toha Building by Ron Arad + Avner Yashar


Create, from a photo reference, a customized color with a six-shade color transition.
The collaboration between the architects and the Dekton ID team made it possible to design a unique slab suitable for the project.


  • Specific color design, graded in six shades
  • Customized cutting of large format slabs

Origo by Gudmundsson Arkitektur AB


Produce dozens of different flooring pieces in different sizes, colors and shapes in order to create patterns on a high-traffic surface.
Pieces fit together like a puzzle, creating a high-impact visual sensation.


  • Customized cutting of dozens of pieces with different sizes and shapes
  • Perfect fit, suitable for high-traffic flooring

Spanish Pavilion by b720 Fermín Vázquez Arquitectos


Printing on large-format slabs a specific design made up of letters and pictures, all in different colors.
Maintaining the material's resistance and easy maintenance in order to make it practical for public spaces.


  • Print high definition texts and pictures directly on the surface.
  • Use of different colors for slab printing

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All Dekton advantages. No limits

Dekton® is a sophisticated mixture of more than 20 minerals extracted from nature. Its production process is the result of years of experience and is inspired by cutting edge glass, porcelain and quartz manufacturing.

Dekton® uses exclusive TSP technology in its manufacturing process, synthesizing mineral particles so that they join together and make a compact internal structure. Thanks to TSP, Dekton offers the following advantages:

Ideal performance in environments with extreme temperature changes.

Stains and dirt can be easily removed. You can even use abrasive products: neither color nor texture will be damaged.

Dekton® offers the best fire resistance.

High UV resistance. Thanks to a composition based on inorganic materials, its color will never fade.

Furthermore, thanks to its non-porous surface, graffiti and tough stains will not penetrate Dekton’s structure.

Tests show that Dekton® offers values ​​higher than 45/mm2, making it one of the most reliable materials on the market.

Dekton® is a non-porous material (<0.2%), making it very easy to clean and maintain as new.

Dekton XGloss water-repellent material provides a spectacular shine to every surface.

Dekton makes the building and installation of any type of façade easier.

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