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Luxury among geometric balconies

IBI Group | ACDF

The Pacific  - ThePacific 07 scaled 51


Vancouver, Canada




Aura 15


12,000 sq ft

Architecture / Design

IBI Group | ACDF


Ventilated façade

End date



12 mm

Dekton balconies steal the show

The Pacific by Grosvenor is the epitome of luxurious living in the heart of Vancouver’s downtown area. The structure’s geometric balconies make it unlike anything else in the skyline, and bring a sense of movement that invites gazes to admire it.

The east and west facades of the building feature interesting hexagonal balconies that give the outside of the structure a sense of depth, texture, and dynamism. What makes the balconies even more special is the use of Dekton Aura 15 below the glass, black-frame balcony railing.

Dekton Aura 15 is inspired by Calacatta and Carrara marbles, a color full of personality and character in which striking veins are drawn on a white canvas. The color creates movement and mimics the clouds of the Vancouver sky.

The Pacific  - ThePacific 04 scaled 57

A versatile material perfect for unique applications

Dekton’s technical properties and above all, versatility, allow it to be used in unique and creative applications, such as the one seen in The Pacific’s balconies. To ensure optimal performance, Dekton Aura 15 was installed as a ventilated facade, meaning it is not glued onto the structure but instead a small space is left between the substructure and Dekton to allow air ventilation.

This technically complex application required a thin, lightweight material that was not only aesthetically pleasing, but that could withstand changes in temperature and not degrade or lose color fastness over time.

The Pacific’s Dekton balconies take the structure to the next level. This creative Dekton application makes the building as interesting as it is unforgettable

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Cosentino’s materials used in this project

Aura 15

Aura 15


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